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General Rules

How to Out of nowhere become a member:
-Press the join Button and Join then you are a member!-
I know you wanna become a member here because of the fun events!

Members: (goes for all)
1. Submit to right folder
2. Featured folder is obsolete
3. If there happens to be a problem please contact and admin! ( We will try everything we can to help you out in your problem and try to get it settled)
4. Any questions on where art goes ask any founder or co-founder!
5. Please try to avoid submitting inappropriate deviations in the group. ( we try to keep a good reputation on this group, and a clean one please ask an admin if it's appropriate for the group.)

For a Fool's proof guide to the folder here ya go… It will be updated when needed. :I

Gym Leaders:
1. Must Be a 6th Gen game. ( To avoid confusion)
2. Rematches are permitted untill the "Badge" is earned. Once all badges are earned you may challenge all 8 again.
3. Items such as Bright powder and Lax incence are not permitted. Latias and Latios are not alowed to hold soul dew.
4. Moves like double team and minimize are not permitted. One hit knock out moves are not permited (horn drill, fissure, sheer cold, and guillotine).
5. You may not put more than one of your opponent's pokemon asleep at a time (excluding rest).
6. You may not have the same pokemon more than once on your team incuding multiple forms like Rotom-H and Rotom-W, as they have the same pokedex number, Pokemon such as "Eveelutions" are permited as each evolution has a different Pokedex number.

:bulletgreen: = Ready
:bulletred: = Not ready
:bulletblue: = Reserved Elite 4


Elite 4:
1. :iconproshi: - Bug :bulletblue::bulletgreen:
2. :iconbenjyftw: - Sandstorm :bulletblue::bulletgreen:
3. :iconthemoshi1378: - Electric :bulletblue::bulletgreen:
4. :iconsparktheiguana6595: - Fossil/rock :bulletblue::bulletgreen:

1. :icondashie2233446: - Grass - :bulletgreen: Flower Badge
2. :iconkurama4: - Eeveeloutions - :bulletgreen: multi badge Multibadge by SparkTheIguana6595 - Weekends only
4. :icondigitdragon: - Dark -  :bulletgreen: Grimm Badge Grimmbadge by SparkTheIguana6595- Must have at least 3 badges
5. :iconsapphirerose-chan: - Ghost :bulletgreen: Spectra badge
6. :iconcrazyfirewolf: - fire :bulletgreen: Flare badge
7. :iconbiggestrikufan4ever: Ice :bulletgreen: - Freeze badge Freezebadge by SparkTheIguana6595
8.:iconbronzethephoenix: - Steel :bulletgreen: - Forge Badge :thumb423341225:- must have at least 7 badges
Extra 1. :iconproshi: - Dragon :bulletgreen: - Draco Badge - Filler for another gym leader until summer
Extra 2. :iconbenjyftw: - Water :bulletgreen: - Depth Badge- Filler
Extra 3: :iconpokegirl302: - Fairy - :bulletorange: Fairytale Badge :thumb423615739: (Lost their 3DS)


Any complaints plz read:………

Gym battles written and organized by ~:iconbenjyftw: and :iconproshi:

Official Gym Xat chat:
Official DA Chat:…
Official intro video:…
Official rules of the battles: pokemon-fan-universe.deviantar…

Any complaints? Contact any founder or co-founder!

Gallery Folders

Stories literature
Mixed Characters
Items, and Pokeballs
Commission info
Mega Pokemon
Anthro and Gijnkas
Beta Alpha Pokemon
Nintendo released a short statement earlier today that president Satoru Iwata died yesterday of a bile duct growth. It was already known that there was some health problems as he has missed out on last year's E3. It was thought that they were fixed but this shows how unexpected life is. He was only 55 years old, which is still young by today's standards. Sadly some people don't know how big of an impact this so I'll give you a quick example:

Iwata wasn't just an executive. He was a programmer as well. You know Gold and Silver, everyone's favorite Pokemon game? Game Freak did their job of making the next region, Johto. However, it didn't seem like enough for Iwata. He was able to help Game Freak out in compressing the game down enough to fit the entire region of Kanto into a GBC cartridge and make one of the best-selling games on Game Boy Color. There are plenty more examples you can find.

He was a revolutionary and I, personally, admired that. He was a part of our childhood. He wasn't afraid to stand against the tide. He wanted to make his own games the way he wanted to, no matter how anyone else saw it. He even left behind (and I know I'm off the Pokemon topic) Mario Maker, so you can feel the same joy he did making games. Even Nintendo Direct's won't be the same. He has left such an impact on the gaming world. Some of the games you play now wouldn't even be here if it wasn't for him. Mario. Zelda. Earthbound. Super Smash Bros. He even influenced other companies.

Today is a sad day indeed. R.I.P. Iwata. My thoughts, condolences, and prayers, as well as the rest of the admins, go out to family, friends, and Nintendo.
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Together this group will prosper and so will yours!

Group Info

Welcome To Pokemon Fans Universe! Here is where we accept all Pokemon Art! Anyone is accepted! So don't be shy! We'll let ya in!

Well Enjoy your time here and don't worry! :P

Pon: This group is for all pokemon fans anywhere even if they are across the universe! o3o I'd love to see you join and be a part of it! *head stands* Have fun! ^^

The Nintendo group I made that I suggest you join: :iconsimply-nintendo-fans:
Founded 4 Years ago
Mar 26, 2012


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1,595 Members
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Little bro of a group: :iconpmd-eoe:
Our Gym group: :iconpfu-pokemon-gyms:
The main jobs of the admins here:

Admin(Pretty much does the job of keeping up with the site often fixing and many more): :iconproshi:
Assistant Admin: (Helps me out especially when I can't do my job atm) :iconthesilentvictory:, :iconbenjyftw:
Activities director(contests, events and stuff to do): Organized by founders and co-founders
Wi-Fi Battle Guru: :iconbenjyftw:
"Who's That Pokemon?": [OPEN]
Tip of the week: :iconsapphirerose-chan:
Event reminder:
Folder Organizer(Every time I update folders you have a job for a month! XD maybe more! :B): [OPEN]
Guards(makes sure things are kept in order): :iconthemoshi1378:[Open]
Substitute helper: :iconzero614:[OPEN]
Test Dummy: :iconpondapichu:
The one that made the icons: :iconhime--nyan::iconsandstormer:

Current Icon made by: :iconsandstormer:

Our Wi-fi Battle Chat is at this…
Staff's chat:… (Contributors, Co-Founders and Founder only)

Sunday - We rest..
Monday - "Who's That Pokemon"?
Tuesday- Open
Wednesday - Pokemon tip of the week
Thursday - Open
Friday - Pokemon wifi set, gym battles
Saturday - At chat for free on battles with any. (Especially gym battles)…

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Mascots dummy's: Pon: Pon Dummy by Pikacshu Kip: Kip Dummy by Pikacshu

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